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Increased interest on the Norwegian market

Cold Cut Systems agent in Norway, Hansen Management Consulting (HMC), is reporting a steady interest in the concept of Cold Cutting Extinguishing. More than 60 systems are presently in service, and some fire departments have 3 systems in service. One particular fire department recently ordered its fourth system with option for one more.

In January this year Hemnes, a fire department in the north of Norway, upgraded one of their existing first responder fire engines by installing a Cobra system.

In March this year Egenes, Norway's largest coach builder, ordered three systems to be installed in fire engines at three different Norwegian fire departments. In the same month, the second largest coach builder Braco, ordered two systems to be delivered this summer.

HMC is also reporting increased interest from the Norwegian offshore sector and is optimistic about a breakthrough in this important market in the near future.

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