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Increased activity in UK and Ireland – 12 units to Lincolnshire

Mark Smitherman, Cold Cut Systems (CCS) Market Manager in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, reports that the fire and rescue service market has continued to developed a clear awareness of the Cobra system and has made significant progress in developing its awareness of Cobra based firefighting methodology.

A number of services are now actively using Cobra as a strategically embedded system across a range of operational environments.  Most recently, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service has purchased 12 units and is the process of fully integrating Cobra into its operational response model.  A number of other services across the UK are presently actively engaged with CCS, researching and discussing the opportunities that Cobra can offer them operationally in terms of improved safety efficiency and effectiveness.

Mark is very pleased about how the market is positively responding, and the level of activity and interest, which is now being generated, particularly, within the Fire sector. Overall the strong response to Cobra bodes well for positive market development in the future.

Mark Smitherman, UK Marketing Manager

mark.smitherman@coldcutsystems.com +44 7979 725689