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This year Cold Cut Systems makes a donation to ”Firefighters´ Cancer Foundation”

Instead of sending conventional post cards with Christmas greetings to our customers all over the world, we decided to give a donation to the newly started "Brandmännens Cancerfond" (Firefighters´ Cancer Foundation).

We ran into the people behind the foundation for the first time during an exhibition in Stockholm in September (Skydd 2012). The foundation was just launched and to attract attention, they had placed a fire truck in the stand, painted pink. No visitor at the show could have missed the vehicle! During the exhibition there was a very interesting, but frightening lecture on “Firefighters and Cancers” where research was presented showing that firefighters have a much higher risk of getting cancer than other occupational groups.

“We who listened to the lecture were all really concerned and felt that we absolutely wanted to support this important research. Minimizing the risk of fighting fires and improving firefighters´working environment is one of Cold Cut Systems core objectives. Often we think about how to avoid risks such as “backdraft scenarios” in the immediate phase, but it is as important to minimise exposure to the effects of smoke over a longer perspective. To get injured by one fire is bad, but to get ill by being exposed to many fires during a working career can be as bad.”.

Johan Biörsmark, Training- and Method Manager, Cold Cut Systems

More information on their website (only in Swedish) www.ibcf.se