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UK moves beyond operational tool to strategic application

As more UK Fire and Rescue Services move to incorporate Cobra, they are not just enthusiastic about Cobra as a product. Many have now engaged in detailed debates on methods and strategic tactics by looking at examples, from not just Sweden but also, from developments across Europe.  Cobra is creating some interesting opportunities for the cross fertilisation of ideas about how it can, not only improve, the safety and the efficiency of deployments, but also how it can expand command options and blend into the wider strategic aspects of operational activity.  CCS has been very pleased to facilitate this wider debate in the UK by drawing on its experience from around Europe. We feel that by looking at Cobra as a total concept we will generate maximum benefit for our customers.

If you are interested in being part of the debate as its moves forward, or you would just like to gain more understanding of the system and what it has to offer, please contact us to arrange an opportunity.

Mark Smitherman >> , Sales Manager UK