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coldcut™ academy

Cold Cut Systems offers training through the coldcut™ cobra academy (CCA), which has for a few years been the part of the company where training and methodological issues are handled. The training is conducted mostly together with certified partners within our most important markets. These partners are often local rescue services who are highly experienced users of the coldcut™ cobra system and have strategically integrated cobra into their daily operations and training and education systems.

CCA´s goal is to work closely with and support locally adapted, high quality cobra training in each of our key markets as close as possible to our end customers. The number of training partners is steadily increasing as interest for the coldcut™ cobra grows and progress to more Services embedding systems into their operational strategy. Training at customer sites is also offered through CCA and can be a good and economically efficient alternative when required. Training also focuses on thermal imaging and scanning technology and pressure ventilation to complement and enhance the cobra method. By using experienced and competent instructors as well as advanced training facilities, we aim to ensure that the course participants are provided with the best conditions to gain experience and knowledge of the cobra methodology to enhance safety, efficiency and environmental impact during firefighting operations.

coldcut™ academy

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coldcut™ academy


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