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Range of training courses


Delivery training, 1 day
Delivery training is carried out in conjunction with delivery of the cutting extinguishing system. The program describes the specific construction of the system, its components and its functions. Safety procedures and regulations regarding high pressure systems are reviewed. Maintenance and proper care of the system is important to ensure operational safety. We clarify the components to be included in the recommended supervision, and how and at which intervals supervision should be carried out. The training participants gain knowledge in filling the abrasive vessel, foam liquid deployment and operator panel functions. We also go through routines for troubleshooting and corrective maintenance in the event of any system disturbances. This training is purely technical and does not include “the cutting extinguishing method”.


Basic training course, 2 days
Basic Training is aimed at new users of the coldcut™ cobra and users that need a knowledge refresh. The course provides a broad basic knowledge in mist application and high pressure firefighting. An essential part of the course involves technology, safety and cutting, both theoretical and practical. The training also includes tactics, where experience from a number of emergency service users  is presented to enhance understanding.  The course also includes input on IR technology and positive pressure ventilation in combination with the coldcut™ cobra application and traditional BA operations.

Day two consist of practice where the participants have the opportunity to follow fire and fire gas cooling with the cobra, together with implementing operations in different fire environments. Training on accessories, and additives in extinguishing water is also included. Great emphasis is placed on providing underpinning knowledge and understanding of how to use the cobra correctly for maximum effectiveness. After these two days, participants have the knowledge to handle cobra in a safe and efficient manner, and to apply the method in real fire scenarios.


Instructor Training Course, 3-5 days
The Instructor course is built upon the “train the trainer” concept enabling participants to carry out corresponding basic education within their own organization. The course is an extension of basic training content and is aimed at creating an understanding of how theory and practical sessions are structured to provide knowledge about the cutting extinguishing method and its ability to influence fire gases and extinguish fires. During the first day the emphasis is on technology, safety and cutting method, and aims to capture the participants' various skill levels. After succesful completion participants become instructors in the “Cutting Extinguishing Concept (CEC), and can continue to independently train firefighters within their service.


Officer training course, 1 day
The Officer training course is aimed primarly at operational commanders  and fire engineers who work operationally in civil protection. The objectives are for the participants to obtain underpining operational knowledge and tactical awarness to be able to take operational decisions which incorporate deployments utilizing the unique advantages of the cutting extinguishing method. It is a one day course that contains mostly theory but also some practical demonstrations of mist and fire gas cooling. The training also integrates command knowledge of the cutting extinguishing method with infrared technology, pressure ventilation and traditional BA operations.

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