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C 330 P kit

The coldcut™ cobra fire extinguishing technique combines abrasive water jet cutting with water spray extinguishing.

The high water jet pressure allows for the cutting abrasive to rapidly penetrate all known construction materials, creating an efficient high velocity firefighting water mist, once the penetration has been made.

The method offers a safe attack on interior fire and on fire gases from an outside position.

The C 330 P Kit is a cutting extinguisher system (28 lpm) with a four strokepetrol engine, designed for vehicle based installation and may be assembled as an autonomous unit in most trucks without regard to the gearbox or to the power transmission.

The unit can be operated via a relay control system or a CAN bus control.

The C 330 P Kit is a versatile platform for use with Cold Cut Systems™ range of accessories.

C 330 P kit