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Cold Tap

The coldcut™ cobra fire extinguishing technique combines abrasive water jet cutting with water spray extinguishing.The high water jet pressure allows for the cutting abrasive to rapidly penetrate all known construction materials, creating an effi cient integrated tool with the coldcut™ cobra for high demand decommissioning and salvaging/rescue situation.

With the coldcut™ Cold Tap accessory you may evacuate fluids or gas from a tank, using the coldcut™ systems technique. The Cold Tap could be used for decommissioning or emergency situations.

After attaching the Cold Tap to the container with the liquid/gas to be evacuated, the operation can be performed from a safe distance and/or shielded area. Make sure the Cold Tap, sealing and drain line are suitable for the liquid/gas to be evacuated.

The Cold Tap is powered by a hydraulic motor supplied with oil from present hydraulic system or an auxiliary hydraulic power pack supplied by Cold Cut Systems. Th e nozzle’s abrasive slurry and speed are maneuvered by the coldcut™ cobra’s radio control/manual control and a separate hydraulic valve control unit.

Cold Tap