The Cobra Method, including cooling fire gases from a safer place outside the fire compartment, is one of the safest and most efficient firefighting options available to Fire & Rescue Services.

Use cases

Among our Use Cases you find some examples of situations where Cobra can be the tool to pick.

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Safer, Cleaner, More Efficient

Safer firefighting

Internal firefighting exposes Firefighters to significant risks, both physical and psychological. The Cobra Method of Scan, Attack, Ventilate, and Enter – SAVE – offers a far safer firefighting option for firefighters.

Cleaner for the Environment

Cobra is cleaner in several respects. Using Cobra affects the direct environmental impact that affects our surroundings and our planet, but Cobra also contributes to a cleaner and better working environment for the individual firefighter.

More Efficient for Communities & Teams

Quick action, using Cobra, can suppress the development of a fire and this gives the Incident Commander more time to plan operations to facilitate optimum efficiency. Rapid fire spread (e.g. by Backdraft or Flashover) can be counteracted by the early application of Cobra and fire spread can be limited.

The Cobra Method SAVE

The Cobra Method minimises the firefighter’s exposure to high temperatures, toxic smoke from fire-gases and other risks, decreasing short and long term occupational health effects. The Cobra Method may create a window of opportunity which enables the incident commander and crew to carry out tasks, such as rescue operations, which they would not been able to have done otherwise. The Cobra Method, SAVE, dynamically combines situation Scanning, ultra-high pressure water mist Attack from a safe external position, and tactical Ventilation before, or in conjunction with, Entering the fire compartment.