What are cookies and how do we use it?

Cookies are a small text file consisting of letters and numbers sent from our web server and stored in your browser or device. We use cookies the following cookies:

  1. Authentication cookie is used to hold authentication for the logged in user, (only applicable if you have a login).
  2. Anti Forgery Token. Used for safety. Make the portal know that the form submitted is sent from the browser where it was displayed.
  3. Selected tab cookie. Used for forms with tabs.
  4. Third-party cookies (set by third-party sites, such as Google Analytics).
How is your personal data protected?

We have taken special security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized treatment (such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction or damage).

How do I contact you regarding data protection?

Email us at info@coldcutsystems.com or call +46 (0) 300 40 41 00

Opposition to direct marketing

If you do not want to receive communication from us for marketing purposes, please contact us at info@coldcutsystems.com or call +46 (3) 00 40 40 00. You can always change your subscription or unsubscribe from email communications from us in the bottom of the page of the newsletters.