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The Cold Cut Cobra technology efficiently combines ultra-high pressure water mist with piercing through any known construction material. Cobra can be fitted into most vehicles and can be used on land, at sea or on air-based carriers and is easily transported to the scene of operations. If you do not find what you are looking for below, do not hesitate to contact us.

Large trucks
Medium & Small trucks
Small vehicles
Training & Industrial units

Large trucks allow a greater variety of Cobra kits to be installed. Typically, PTO driven systems from a separate PTO or split shaft, up to hydraulic power packs. Existing users have integrated Cobra without reduction of crew levels or loose equipment. Simultaneous operation with the main water pump can be achieved where needed.

Medium & Small trucks present no challenge to installing Cobra as the footprint is very small. A small side locker is enough to carry the abrasive vessel, hose reel, controller and lance. Power requirements for Cobra are up to only 40 kW.

Small vehicles (under 3 tons) can benefit from the smallest units in our Cobra range. Systems with 30 lpm at 300 Bar mean ultra-low water usage whilst maintaining high suppression efficiency. Units can be retrofitted and demountable if needed.

Cold Cut Systems can also supply naval and maritime units. These are designed and customised for naval and maritime use: manufactured mainly in stainless steel, with marinised engine, high IP-classification, and shockproof engineered, allowing exposure to tough environments. Can be used with saltwater. Ideal as additional resilience to fully installed suppression systems.

Cold Cut Systems has been supplying Cobra systems to customers in the Naval segment since 2006. Among our users are the Royal Swedish Navy, Swedish Coast Guard, Polish Navy, German Havariekommando, Smit Salvage in Rotterdam and Singapore, Switzer Salvage and Zeeland Region in the Netherlands, and MES TOKKI in Japan.

Contact Cold Cut Systems directly if you are interested in a naval solution.

The trend for lighter vehicles in industrial and training applications is growing. Car license holders are typically restricted to 3.5 tons and so we offer packages to suit those vehicles, e.g. Mercedes Sprinters and Toyota Hi-Lux. Contact us for advice on which Cobra model best suits your needs.

Use of Cobra can be further optimised by using our Multi-Purpose Nozzle (60 lpm @ 90 Bar) with or without foam additives.

C 360 H Kit

C 360 Kit

C 360 HLS Kit

C 330 P Kit

Cobra Skid Unit

Multi-Purpose Nozzle (MPN)


Additive Pump

Portable extension hose

Lance Extension

IWC – Integrated Wire Control

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Since the birth of Cobra in 1997 this has been our only product, and this is where we put 100% of our focus and commitment.

Staff at Cold Cut Systems are very proud to be able to contribute to the health and safety of firefighters, and the protection of communities and the environment.


With over 20 years of installations, Cold Cut Systems has a proven record of installation into many types of vehicles. Our team work closely with the coachbuilder to ensure the quickest installation time, most compact installation and longevity of use.

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