The Cold Cut Cobra can be uniquely equipped with a water driven additive pump on the high-pressure side of the system. Adding Class A foam/additive will decrease water droplet size, increasing the combined water surface exposed to the heat. It also makes the water “wetter” by lowering the surface tension. This enables the water to stick to fibrous fires in a way it wouldn’t do otherwise, thus reducing potential of re-ignition. When the additive pump is used with the Cobra lance, the mixture can be set between approximately 1 and 3%. If the Cobra unit is equipped with the optional MPN-system, the MPN-system can use a fixed ~1.5% mixture.

When using additive with the Cobra system, the additive can be turned on/off with a switch on the hand lance, or at the control panel. When using the MPN-system, the additive pump is turned on/off at the control panel. The additive pump is equipped with a flush function that is engaged after use.

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