Cobra IRL – Operational Incidents

Read about real-life Operational Incidents where Fire and Rescue Services have used Cold Cut Cobra to fight the fire.

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Please send us your Operational Incident reports, including pictures and a brief comment on how and why the cobra was useful in that situation. Your input will help us spread valuable knowledge to firefighters worldwide and contribute to keeping firefighters safe.

Send your reports to Please state if the material you send is ok to use in our marketing and information material.

Warehouse Fire

Warehouse Fire

In the early morning, passers-by had noticed smoke coming from the building and called the...

Fire in solar panel

Fire in solar panel

Upon arrival, it was discovered that a solar panel system was on fire on top of the roof of the...

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Cobra Method

The Cobra Method, including cooling fire gases from a safer place outside the fire compartment, is one of the safest and most efficient firefighting options available to Fire & Rescue Services.

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