Fire in solar panel

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Fire in solar panel | Nordeney, Germany, May 2022

On May 18th, 2022, at 12:42, the Fire and Rescue Services in Wasserturm, Nordeney, Germany, were called to a fire in an apartment building.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that a solar panel system on the building’s roof was on fire. The fire had spread to the roof under the solar panels, and lots of smoke could be seen.

Fire in solar panel on roof top

The fire brigade set up its response structure with seven vehicles and extinguished the burning installations on the roof.

They also used the cutting extinguisher Cobra to attack the individual cells of the solar panel system.

Fire in solar panel

Just one week earlier, four firefighters from the organisation took part in a special training course that lasted several days, where they were trained in the use of the cutting extinguisher Cobra. Although Cobra had been within the organisation for two years, the training had been postponed due to Covid.

Using Cobra was seen as the only way to fight the fire and extinguish the individual cells. The still intact part of the solar panel system continued to produce electricity.

By using Cobra, a minimum amount of run-off water was created, and the apartments remained undamaged.

The fire brigade was on duty with 50 firefighters. The Norderney police and the public electricity company were also involved.

  • A single tool, Cobra, was used to extinguish both the solar panels and the roof
  • Cobra is easy to work with, even on a sloping roof
  • Easy and flexible use of the extinguisher enabled the operator to effectively reach the seat of the fire
  • Maximum effect with a minimal amount of water – 60 litres per minute
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