With over 20 years of installations, Cold Cut System has a proven record of installation into many types of vehicles. Our team work closely with the coachbuilder to ensure that the Cobra equipment fits seamlessly with the end customer’s preferred response options. We also ensure the quickest installation time, most compact installation, and longevity of use.

We offer installation training as part of our support to make the installation simple and time-saving. We can also support you with engineering, including all relevant drawings for each particular installation.

Cold Cut Systems offers full support to installers in all stages of the process:

Bidding – Helping to find the best solution in a bidding process based on the tender requirements but also on the overall vehicle specification.

Purchasing – Our sales team will assist you in finding the perfect match for the vehicle on which the Cobra system will be installed.

Installation – Cold Cut Systems can offer installation training at the installers’ premises. The training includes both system theory and practical exercises, along with the actual installation. The installation training aims to raise the expertise of the installer’s personnel to enable independent, high-quality installations.

Commissioning – Cold Cut Systems’ Staff or accredited personnel trained by Cold Cut Systems check the entire installation of the Cobra system, ensuring the installation is safe, user friendly and of good quality before the vehicle is delivered to the end-user. After the Commissioning, a comprehensive Commissioning Report will be provided, ensuring the installation is according to The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and other relevant standards are followed and fulfilled. This becomes a quality stamp for both the installer and the end user.

Vehicle Manufacturer Cooperation – We like to work closely with vehicle manufacturers to develop specific methods of driving the Cobra system. This simplifies installations in the next step.

With over 20 years of installations, Cold Cut Systems has a proven record of installation into many types of vehicles.