Cleaner for the Environment

Cobra is cleaner in several respects. Using Cobra affects the direct environmental impact that affects our surroundings and our planet, but Cobra also contributes to a cleaner and better working environment for the individual firefighter.

Cleaner for the Environment

Compared to traditional firefighting nozzles, the low flow of a Cobra system significantly reduces water usage. Hence there is less contaminated water run-off released into nature. In addition, the rapid fire suppression associated with Cobra means less toxic emissions enter the atmosphere.

The Cobra abrasive used for piercing is an inert and non-hazardous material that requires no environmental considerations.

Cleaner working environment

The impact Cobra has on the firefighter’s working environment can be clearly demonstrated. During operation, the firefighter is outside the fire compartment filled with high temperature, toxic fire gases. The Cobra suppression capabilities dramatically change the room conditions to a more comfortable working temperature, with better visibility and fewer carcinogens that can contaminate PPE.

The equipment is light in weight and easy to handle, a great advantage when used for a longer period of time.

Less chance of firefighter PPE contamination from carcinogens

A clearer working atmosphere after Cobra is used

Very low water use and runoff

Environmentally friendly abrasive

Faster fire gas suppression; reducing emissions

Lower collateral damage than traditional techniques