More Efficient for Communities & Teams

Quick action, using Cobra, can suppress the development of a fire, giving the Incident Commander more time to plan operations to facilitate optimum efficiency. Rapid fire spread (e.g. by Backdraft or Flashover) can be counteracted by the early application of Cobra, and fire spread can be limited.

Analysis of reports from more than 1,000 incidents where Cobra has been deployed at an early stage demonstrates that time is saved. Also, fire spread is limited, safer conditions have been achieved for Breathing Apparatus crews to enter the fire compartment, and material assets have been saved, to an extent not possible by the use of other firefighting tactics and equipment.

Cobra can easily be fitted onto a range of vehicles from smaller response vehicles up to and including Type B pumping appliances and aerial appliances. This offers Fire and Rescue Services a range of response options, enabling them to meet their attendance times and to mitigate risks to the communities they serve.

The Cobra Method, SAVE – Scan, Attack, Ventilate, Enter – can be used in conjunction with other firefighting tactics at the same incident,

Using the Cobra Method without delay can:

  • cool fire gases, thus significantly reducing the risk of flashover and further fire spread in a building.
  • quickly attack compartment fires in order to create safer and better conditions for Breathing Apparatus crews to enter the compartment.
  • cool boundary walls of compartment fires and adjacent rooms/properties from an outside position, to prevent the spread of fire.
  • make an effective attack on concealed fires – e.g. fires in ventilation ducting.
  • minimise the impact of fires on business processes by restricting fire spread and so restricting loss to the business.

A wide range of installation options.

The simple modular design allows installation across your entire fleet.

Units can be driven by the vehicle drive line or an independent engine.

Skid mount installation available.

Known life cycle costs ensure that the budget is safely set for the entire length of product life.

Economic maintenance routines.