Cobra to the Swedish Air Force


New vehicles equipped with Cobra.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, has signed a contract with Austrian Rosenbauer International AG for 22 new fire and rescue vehicles for the Swedish Air Force. All 22 vehicles will be equipped with a Cold Cut Cobra.

FMV is a governmental agency acting under the Ministry of Defence. They make sure the Swedish Armed Forces have the equipment and logistic services they need to execute their mission.

The Austrian Rosenbauer International AG will deliver the new fire and rescue vehicles to the Swedish Air Force. Each vehicle will be delivered with a fully installed Cold Cut Cobra cutting extinguisher / ultra-high pressure lance (UHPL) system from Cold Cut Systems.

The vehicles will replace the old Type II rescue vehicles. Equipped with Cobra, they now have the option to attack a fire in an aircraft, freight container or construction from the outside. The Cobra Method, including cooling fire gases from a safer place outside the fire compartment, is one of the safest and most efficient firefighting options available to Fire & Rescue Services. The new vehicles will be a modern complement to other rescue vehicles.

The fire and rescue vehicles will be equipped with a customized C360H cutting extinguisher system adapted to meet the EMC specifications in the procurement. All units will come with the newly updated hand lance with cable control (IWC), additive pump, and a lance extender.

Cold Cut Systems will deliver a total of 22 Cobra units. The first part of the delivery to Rosenbauer will be in August 2021. The following partial deliveries will happen during 2022 and 2023.

In addition to vehicles, the contract also includes documentation, spare parts, and training. The first delivery to the Swedish Air Force is expected to take place in the autumn of 2022.

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Fire and rescue vehicle, the aircraft’s vehicles will not be yellow.

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