Deep down


Cobra: Efficiently Combating Deep-Seated Fires

Fighting deep-seated fires, like peat fires, is a complex and resource-intensive task. Cobra offers an effective additional resource.

The water jet from the ultra-high-pressure lance can penetrate peat layers over two meters deep. Firefighters can precisely target the affected areas by using thermal imaging cameras to locate hotspots. When battling a deep-seated fire, the water jet will stay relatively closed, suppressing or extinguishing the fire without adding additional oxygen.

Lightweight and easy to handle, Cobra enables rapid deployment, eliminating the need for extensive excavations. Using only 60 litres of water per minute conserves water resources, crucial in areas with limited supply.

Cobra helps reduce the environmental impact of the fire. Fewer toxic emissions and minimized water contamination result in a more sustainable firefighting approach.

Cobra is an efficient complement when combating deep-seated fires. Its ability to access challenging areas, conserve water, and reduce ecological consequences makes it a good asset in the fight against wildfires and other similar incidents.

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