Delivery to Munich


The Cobra Roller Container

A while ago, the Fire and Rescue Service in Munich, Germany, decided to invest in new vehicles with special extinguishing equipment.

Four of the vehicles were equipped with the Cobra Roller Container. The Cobra Roller Container is a mobile container that allows efficient firefighting from a stand-alone unit. The roller containers were first delivered from BTL Brandschutz to our distributor responsible for southern Germany, Denzel Fireequipment.

After the delivery, training personnel from the Fire and Rescue Service in Munich has participated in a delivery training session. Now the complete vehicles with the four Cobra Roller Containers will be introduced and put into operation.

The Cold Cut Cobra cutting extinguisher mounted on a roller container is powered by a separate gasoline motor. The capacity of the system is 30 litres per minute, and the pressure is 300 bar. The main advantage of the Cobra Roller Container solution is the mobility of the system. It is easily moved from the vehicle to a place near the fire. As always with the Cold Cut Cobra cutting extinguisher, the fire can be extinguished from outside the fire compartment without entering the area in the initial phase. It is, therefore offering a safer environment for the firefighters.

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