Fighting hidden fires without letting in more air


Cobra fights hidden fires without letting in extra air, minimising the risk of a flaring fire.

A hidden fire can be difficult to find and reach with traditional firefighting methods. It often burns more slowly than other fires due to a lack of oxygen in the space that is ablaze. When trying to put out a fire in these types of situations, it is important to keep the exposure to more oxygen to a minimum to prevent the fire from flaring up.

This is where Cobra is a highly effective tool. Cobra attacks the location of the fire by piercing through the surface and distributing a fine mist of water on the area that is burning. Since no extra air is let in, the fire is suppressed or extinguished.

Another benefit of using Cobra when fighting hidden fires is that the fire can be attacked from any angle and the tool can be repositioned to use again if the first attempt was unsuccessful.

Hidden fire

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