Five types of fires where you can use Cobra


Cobra is a versatile tool and can effectively suppress fires in many different situations.

Here are five types of fires where Cobra helps to slow down the spread of the blaze and reduce the risk for firefighters:

  1. Electric car fires.
    Fires in electric cars with lithium-ion batteries are a fairly new type of fire that can pose a challenge for firefighters. After making sure the fire is located in the battery, the firefighter should look for hotspots to establish a Cobra attack point. Although the battery can be challenging to reach, Cobra can cut through the chassis and flood it with water to cool it down.
  2. Deep-seated fires.
    Deep-seated fires can be tricky since they often last for a long time and be hard to localize. Deep-seated fires such as wildfires can have huge consequences for people and the surrounding environment, so it is crucial to slow down the spread of the blaze as quickly as possible. Cobra is effective in fighting wildfires since it can pierce through layers and reach the seat of the fire.
  3. Fires in industrial environments.
    Fires in factories and other types of industrial environments need to be tackled quickly to make sure they do not escalate. Fires can affect both the production site and the infrastructure around it. Cobra can operate highly effectively over a long time. At the same time using Cobra will significantly expand the options available to incident commanders for managing the complexity of industrial fire incidents, thus complementing and enhancing traditional firefighting methods.
  4. High-rise fires.
    A fire in a high-rise apartment block is technically challenging and requires a lot of teamwork on site. Wind direction is often a complicating factor, causing the fire to spread and making it unpredictable. Cobra can be used from the outside of a building and the fire can be contained without opening doors. This means that with Cobra you can control the fire quicker and reduce the temperature, allowing the supporting firefighters to enter the room in cooler and safer conditions.
  5. Fires in large warehouses.
    Tackling a fire in a warehouse puts the firefighters at great risk due to hazardous material and the risk of a collapsing building. It also requires significant resources because of the sheer size of the fire. Using Cobra to attack the fire can greatly reduce both the risk for the firefighters and the damage to the building and to the interior.
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