Flexible Installations & Expert Support


The Cobra systems are designed to fit into any vehicle type.

We offer ready-to-install kits or stand-alone units, making it a flexible solution regardless of your requirements and conditions. The Cobra systems are built with well-tested technology and proven to be effective and reliable over time. Today, fire and rescue services worldwide use Cobra for safer, cleaner, and more efficient firefighting.

We provide support when installing the system into the vehicle and offer advice and assistance on using Cobra effectively. Our knowledgeable support team is always ready to guide you in case you face any difficulty. We will also guide you on maintaining the system for trouble-free, long-term operations.

Our experienced training experts can assist with the implementation of methods and tactics in your organisation. Incorporating Cobra into your operations is necessary to get the full benefits of its outstanding qualities. This includes learning new methods and tactics for how and when to use Cobra in the most efficient way.

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Cobra Skid Unit in a van.
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