Keep it small


In many places, often in more rural areas, it can be a long way between stations, which is challenging when you want to achieve adequate distribution of resources. As a result, you may have to look for alternative options. For example, there can be many advantages if local part-time firefighters have access to smaller rescue vehicles equipped with Cobra.

A smaller first responder vehicle equipped with Cobra and the low-pressure Multi-Purpose Nozzle makes the area of use wider. The vehicle can be used for larger fires and other operations such as car fires, fires in the terrain, post-extinguishing, etc. If the vehicle is placed with the person on standby, the firefighter can arrive quickly to start extinguishing the fire. When Cobra is deployed at an early stage, one person alone can make a big difference while waiting for reinforcements.

Working from an outside position with Cobra is safer than many other extinguishing methods. The firefighter is not exposed to toxic fire gases to the same extent and thus has a better working environment.

Maintaining all competence throughout the organisation can be time-consuming and challenging. Having a small local unit with Cobra allows more flexibility regarding requirements for things like the driving license category and BA competence. Also, the local units feel that they are invested in, their status is raised, and the profession becomes more attractive. It will be easier to both retain and recruit new staff.

The possibilities to work in this way differ between countries and organisations and must, of course, be adapted to local regulations and conditions.

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