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Cobra in Denmark

Cold Cut Systems are delighted to announce that we are strengthening and improving our customer service and support in Denmark by signing an agreement with Lotek A/S. Lotek A/S will be the exclusive certified service and spare part provider for the whole range of Cold Cut Cobra products in Denmark.

Cold Cut Systems are very keen to strengthen our position in Denmark and we are delighted to announce this partnership with Lotek A/S. Both Cold Cut System and Lotek A/S share the same company values regarding high-quality products and services and both companies strive to understand and meet our customers’ unique needs whilst establishing a safe, confident and win-win relationship based on trust with our customers. -This new cooperation with Lotek A/S will improve the service level and communication with our end customers in Denmark and enables us to take the next step towards Safer, Cleaner and More Efficient firefighting, says Cold Cut Systems CEO, Johan Ivarsson.

Cold Cut Systems is the producer of the cutting extinguisher Cold Cut Cobra which has contributed to safer firefighting for firefighters since 1997. Some of the main advantages with Cobra are:

  • Improves firefighter safety and the work environment because it allows a fire to be fought from a safe position outside a burning building/construction.
  • Cobra moment: Quickly suppressing a compartment fire provides the Incident Commander with a window of opportunity to plan further safe operations to quickly and effectively control and extinguish the fire. Cobra is brilliant in mitigating flashovers and backdrafts, thus minimising the risk for firefighting personnel and limiting fire spread. When used by a well-trained firefighter, it can also be a proactive rescue tool.
  • The annual economic cost of fire is significant and extensive. Damage caused by water used in firefighting operations represents a considerable cost. The Cobra has proved to be an invaluable tool in reducing the extent of damage in a way that no other firefighting equipment can offer.

About Lotek

Lotek A/S is one of the leading distributors on the Danish market within Fire and Rescue equipment. With 40 years of experience within fire protection, firefighting equipment, rescue and safety products, Lotek A/S holds distribution rights of some of the most attractive brands within this segment.

Lotek’s large product portfolio is built on the highest standards of quality, safety and functionality, and all of their services are flexible and can be customised to the needs of each business or customer. Lotek also offers various service concept solutions, including all in one on-site service, and special benefit programs.

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