New Sales Manager Europe


New Sales Manager Europe

We would like to welcome our new colleague Joakim Kriegl. Joakim is Cold Cut Systems’ new Sales Manager for Europe. He will work together with Jan Hellsten, our Sales & Marketing Director to build up the European market. Joakim is based at the head office in Kungsbacka, and as soon as the travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been lifted, he will visit partners and customers in Europe. Until then, you can meet him online or over the phone.

We asked Joakim to tell us a little about himself:

“Dear everybody,

Let me introduce myself to you. I was born in 1970 and grew up in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. I lived there until 1989 when I moved to do my military service. After that, I lived in the city of Karlstad a couple of years for university studies. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration with marketing as a major.

Since my graduation, I have been working with technical industrial sales. The past eight years I have worked for Dräger, within their Nordic organisation. I had a split responsibility; development of Nordic distribution network, and product manager for filtering breathing protection equipment and different kinds of personal escape equipment. I have been supporting Dräger’s sales organisation as well as distributor sales organisation. As product manager, I was also the main contact in the Nordic region for central product management in Lübeck, Germany.

I am fluent in Swedish (mother tongue) and English. As my father is originating from Germany, I also speak German. Last but not least, I also speak some French, a language which I have studied for six months at the university, it will, however, require a little more time to improve my skills.

I live together with my wife Katrin since seventeen years. We moved to an apartment in central Gothenburg almost three years ago. At my leisure time, I play tennis and I like to go hiking in the mountains together with my wife. We also like cross-country skiing and try to do it every year. I am interested in photography and I also like cooking.

I got to try the Cobra system the other day and the power is overwhelming. It is fascinating what you can achieve using a Cobra unit for extinguishing fires in confined spaces. It will be very exciting to learn more about this product.
I really look forward to starting the work as Sales Manager Europe and meeting you all.

Best regards,

Joakim Kriegl”

Joakim’s Contact Information;

Joakim Kriegl, European Sales Manager

+46 300 40 41 00, +46 766 96 71 27

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