Room of origin


Start from the outside

Rapid intervention with Cobra provides an opportunity to suppress a fire and prevent fire gases from spreading from the room of origin. In areas where fires are hidden in ducts/voids/cavities, roof spaces and basements, the ability to cut into the space and deliver a large volume of high velocity water mist will also reduce the risk of fire spread. Also, by effective gas cooling Cobra helps prevent backdraft and flashover so firefighters can enter safely earlier than with traditional branch techniques. The lower temperatures achieved when applying Cobra in a compartment allows a more comfortable and cleaner environment for the firefighter to extinguish the source of the fire.

For emergency services organized with part-time firefighters, Cobra is an excellent tool for an initial containment response until the rest of the force joins in. By starting an extinguishing operation safely from the outside, the possible spread of the fire can be prevented, and valuable belongings can be saved.

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