The Cobra SAVE method explained


Scan, Attack, Ventilate and Enter – four steps for creating a safer environment for firefighters.

The Cobra method, SAVE, enables firefighters to approach fires without having to immediately enter the area that is on fire. The Cobra technology is a leading example of smarter, more efficient methods that ensure firefighters can carry out their duties while minimising risks as well as long- and short-term health effects.

The method consists of four steps:

  • Scan – gather information from all available sources and use all your senses and experience.
  • Attack – use the information gained to decide which firefighting tactic to use and where to attack the blaze with Cobra.
  • Ventilate – ventilate to get rid of smoke and steam to increase visibility.
  • Enter – the optimal time to enter is when the fire compartment has cooled down and the ventilation is adequate.
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