The importance of working ergonomics


A firefighter carries a load of about 20 kg when wearing full PPE. In addition to this weight, there is additional equipment that needs to be carried. Although necessary, the heavy weight makes the wearers work much harder and require more effort to move.

Over time, this can put a lot of physical and mental stress on the wearers. Therefore, the lighter the additional equipment, the better.

The Cobra hand lance weighs only 4.6 kg – which is a welcome parameter to the working ergonomics in strenuous positions. Besides its light weight, the Cobra hand lance is easy to handle, enabling rapid deployment. It is also easy to move and reposition when needed.

To make the hand lance more ergonomic, the arch of the stock is designed to fit the shoulder for maximum support. When piercing and working with Cobra, the handle on the barrel offers stabilization support, and the three-point support helps to get a steady pressure point.

In the long run, these things make a big difference to the operator.

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