Welcome Fredrik!


As we told you before, Fredrik Waldén has started working as CTO here at Cold Cut Systems. We are very excited about this new addition to the Cobra team and look forward to working together for a long time to come.

Now that Fredrik has been up and running for a few weeks, it’s time for him to introduce himself to you in his own words.

Greetings from Fredrik Waldén

I started my carrier as a mechanical designer in the food industry in 2007, and during the years, I have been in various industries such as oil and gas, submarine, and automotive. All these years, I have worked within different consultant companies. I have had the privilege to have different roles, such as team leader, group manager, and sales manager for ÅF (nowadays AFRY) and Advantek.

My working passion is to work as a team with interesting technical products that affect you, and together have the same vision and reach common goals.

I am so happy to start my position as CTO at Cold Cut Systems, and I can already say that I have the best job in the world! The culture is warm, friendly, and inclusive – we work as a team! I really look forward to being included in the future journey together with the company.

My passion outside work is my family – my wife and three kids, which means a lot of activities and spending time with friends – preferably over a good dinner. Also, a new interest for me is training in terms of Crossfit!

See you soon and do not hesitate to contact me!

/Fredrik Waldén

Fredrik Waldén, CTO, Cold Cut Systems

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