Safer Firefighting

Internal firefighting exposes Firefighters to significant risks, both physical and psychological. The Cobra Method of Scan, Attack, Ventilate, and Enter – SAVE – offers a far safer firefighting option for firefighters.

Short-term risks

The first thing that comes to mind is the immediate physical risks that firefighters are exposed to during internal firefighting. These risks are such as, e.g. potential exposure to backdraft, flashover, explosions, partial building collapse, and the risk of injury due to reduced vision. In addition, working in extremely stressful situations can also involve direct risks to mental health.

Long-term risks

Some of the risks firefighters are exposed to are not directly detectable but can appear years later. The long-term risks of internal firefighting can, among other things, be exposure to contaminants, which can be carcinogenic, and risks to heart health caused by repeated exposure to very high temperatures.

Window of opportunity

Effective use of the Cobra Method buys a ”window of opportunity” for firefighters to enter a fire compartment after a significant reduction in heat and fire gases.

Our method, using thermal imaging equipment, Cobra, and positive pressure fans, can be adapted for use in a wide variety of situations and incident types.

The Cobra Method, underpinned by tried and tested training courses:

Supports the Safe Person Concept – the right person, with the right training using the right equipment

Mitigates short term exposure to firefighting risks

Mitigates long term exposure to firefighting environments