Why Cold Cut Academy?

To get the maximum benefit from your Cold Cut Cobra equipment, we strongly recommend that you have proper training in its use and maintenance.
Cold Cut Systems is committed to ensuring that every delivered Cobra System is used properly. Therefore, we have offered training courses through Cold Cut Academy for many years.

With a course in Cobra usage, you will get in-depth knowledge of the Cobra Method and understand the situations in which Cobra is the most suitable tool. The training also includes thermal imaging and scanning technique and positive pressure ventilation to complement and enhance the Cobra Method.

Cold Cut Academy strives to offer locally adapted, high-quality Cobra courses at training venues as close to you as possible. As the interest and the number of Cobra users increase, so does the number of training partners. We can also help arrange local on-site training, which can be a good alternative if you cannot come to one of Cold Cut Academy’s approved training venues.

The courses are conducted together with certified partners and/or local rescue services that are highly experienced Cobra users who have fully integrated Cobra into their training, education, and daily operations.

By using experienced and competent instructors as well as advanced training facilities, we can ensure that course participants have the best conditions to gain experience and knowledge of the Cobra Method to increase safety and efficiency and reduce negative environmental impact during firefighting operations.

Contact us to book a course and learn more about the importance of Cobra training.

Benefits of Cobra training

Knowledge of how to use Cobra equipment correctly for maximum effect.

Knowledge of the Cobra Method and its ability to affect fire gases and extinguish fires.

Methods for using Cobra in different situations.

Knowledge of when to use Cobra.

Increased knowledge will result in increased and improved use of Cobra.

Firefighter safety.

Reduced water usage and reduced water damage.