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Delivery to Faroe Island

In February a coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher was delivered to Fuglafjordur in the Faroe Island by GearTeam in Denmark. The Chief Fire Officer Jóhann Clementsen says that they chose a Rapid Response Unit since they have so many different kinds of tasks to solve with the same vehicle. Their Rapid Response Unit has both a cutting extinguisher and cutting tools so they are well equipped. "We are not the largest Fire Brigade, - but we want to be among the best and our equipment has to be fast, efficient and modern, that is why we chose the cobra cutting extinguisher" (Jóhann Clementsen, Chief Fire Officer Fuglafjordur).


 Jóhann Clementsen, Chief Fire Officer Fuglafjordur











Jesper Løvbo, GearTeam and Jóhann Clementsen, Chief Fire Officer Fuglafjordur.