Uniform at Work Day


From 2022, Uniform at Work Day occurs on Wednesday, week 16, each year, this year, April 17th.

The Uniform at Work Day is held to make visible and promote interest in the Swedish Home Guard. Participation is voluntary, and Cold Cut Systems, as an employer, supports the day and the defence of Sweden.

The Uniform at Work Day enables Home Guard soldiers, who are allowed by the employer, to wear a uniform in their civilian jobs. At Cold Cut Systems, the Home Guard is represented by Johan Ivarsson, Christofer Nilsson, and Anders Trewe, who all have voluntary tasks in western Sweden.

About the Home Guard
The Home Guard is part of the Swedish Armed Forces and comprises nearly half of all warfighting units in the Swedish Armed Forces. The Home Guard units are modern, jointly exercised, and well-trained warfighting units, maintaining military presence all over Sweden – from peacetime missions and crises to armed battle in war.

Home Guard personnel have unique civilian and military expertise. Their task is to support society in difficult times and defend the values that underpin our democracy, the equal rights of all people and the rights we take for granted.

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