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Our network of Cobra Senior Instructors
Cobra Senior Instructors

Our experienced Senior Cobra Instructors help us spread the knowledge of how the Cobra cutting extinguisher can be used in the best way. They assist us in everything from holding Cobra Instructor Courses to participating in method development, demonstrations and evaluations.

Fredrik Blom | Sweden

Customer Experience Team, After Sales Coordinator, and Cobra Senior Instructor Coordinator at Cold Cut Systems, Sweden

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Fredrik Blom is a committed member of the Cold Cut Cobra team, serving both as an After Sales and Customer Experience Coordinator. With over ten years’ experience as a part-time firefighter in Kungsbacka, Fredrik brings a depth of practical expertise to his roles. Additionally, he is a Cobra Senior Instructor and coordinates our network of skilled instructors.

If you have any enquiries regarding our instructors or wish to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact Fredrik. He is always available to assist you and provide valuable insights.

Fredrik Blom Cobra Senior Instructor

Johannes Hofdell | Sweden

Firefigher at Greater Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Service, Sweden

Johannes is one of our Head Instructors at our open courses in Sweden. He has more than 20 years of experience at the Greater Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Service, where he has helped develop internal Cobra training since 2006. In 2013, he became a Cobra Senior Instructor at Cold Cut Systems and has since led many well-received Cobra instructor training courses both at SÄRF’s Guttasjön training venue in Borås. He has also run several custom training sessions for firefighters and officers in places like Stockholm, Nigeria, Copenhagen Airport, and the Royal Swedish Navy.

Johannes Hofdell Cobra Senior Instructor

Timo Eichler | Germany

Fire Officer at Berufsfeuerwehr Cuxhaven in Germany

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Timo Eichler has been an integral part of the Berufsfeuerwehr Cuxhaven since 2005, following extensive involvement with the Jugendfeuerwehr Langen and the active volunteer fire brigade in Langen. He has specialised training in ship firefighting, high-angle rescue, and as an emergency paramedic, reflecting a deep commitment to fire safety and emergency response.

Timo is also a skilled Cobra operator and instructor, having advanced to a Cobra Senior Instructor in 2022. He advocates for the use of high-pressure firefighting systems, which he believes make fire scenes safer and quicker to manage. As an instructor, Timo is passionate about sharing his knowledge and demonstrating the effectiveness of these systems in fire and rescue operations.

Timo Eichler Cobra Senior Instructor

Håvard Hauge | Norway

Firefighter at Vestfold Interkommunale Brannvesen and Cobra Senior Instructor

Håvard has been a dedicated firefighter since 2001 and began working with the Cobra system in 2011. He advanced from a Cobra instructor to a Cobra Senior Instructor in 2022. Håvard successfully extinguished a real EV Lithium-Ion battery fire, highlighting his proficiency in managing high-risk fire scenarios. Håvard serves as a teacher and instructor for Cold Cut Academy in Norway and Sweden, where he is passionate about educating others on effective firefighting techniques.

Håvard Hauge Cobra Senior Instructor

Carl Batchelor | UK

Tactical Firefighting Coordinator at Cold Cut Systems Ltd. and Cobra Senior Instructor

Carl Batchelor spent 32 years working for the West Midlands Fire Service, eventually rising to the position of temporary Station Commander. He dedicated around seven of those years to the training department, where he led a team of ten specialist instructors. They delivered Breathing Apparatus, Compartment Fire Behaviour, and Tactical Ventilation training to both their operational personnel and outside organisations, as part of a portfolio of accredited courses.

After retiring from the Local Authority in 2016, Carl worked as an Associate Tutor at The Fire Service College in Moreton-In-Marsh. He initially delivered training in Breathing Apparatus, Fire Behaviour, and Tactical Ventilation, later transitioning to the Firefighter Development Program (FFDP), an eight-week apprenticeship course for recruits.

In September 2022, Carl accepted a more formal position with Cold Cut Systems after working with the company on an ad hoc basis for several years. His extensive experience as both an operational firefighter and trainer has reinforced his belief in the Cold Cut Systems ethos of “Safer – Cleaner – More Efficient.” He firmly supports the goal of limiting exposure to carcinogens and enhancing operator safety.

Carl Batchelor Cobra Senior Instructor

“It is interesting to meet firefighters and officers to share the experiences from the years working with Cobra. You constantly learn new things by meeting colleagues from different places with their various opportunities and challenges. It feels very good to work with a product that can improve the health of firefighters, both in the short and the long run.”

Johannes Hofdell, Cobra Senior Instructor

“The Cobra extinguishing system gives the fire brigades a new tool with which a large number of deployment sites can be made safer for everyone involved. It can’t do everything, but it can do a lot, and I’d really like to show and prove that.”

Timo Eichler, Cobra Senior Instructor

“I think that the Cold Cut Systems ethos of “Safer – Cleaner – More Efficient” has never been more important. If we can limit exposure from carcinogens and keep our operators safer, why wouldn’t we?”

Carl Batchelor, Cobra Senior Instructor