Why is Cobra training important?

To get the maximum benefit from your Cobra system, we strongly recommend that you have proper training in Cobra usage. With a Cold Cut Academy course, you will get in-depth knowledge of how to use Cobra and in which situations it can be a suitable tool.

A Cobra that is used does significantly more good than one that is never used. A Cobra used in the right way and at the right time can make a huge difference.

Providing training

Cold Cut Systems is committed to ensuring that each delivered Cobra System is used properly. Therefore, we have offered training courses through Cold Cut Academy for many years.

Cold Cut Academy provides training in the handling, methods and tactics of Cobra cutting extinguisher – enabling Fire and Rescue Services to develop and integrate it into their own operational organisation.

Cobra training

To get a good knowledge of how and when to use Cobra for the best results, we strongly recommend taking a Cobra course. It is also vital to learn how to take care of your Cobra system in the best way so you can have a long, trouble-free life together.

With a course in Cobra usage, you will get in-depth knowledge of the Cobra SAVE method and learn in which situations Cobra is the most suitable tool. The training also includes thermal imaging and scanning technique, and positive pressure ventilation, as these are used to complement and enhance the Cobra SAVE method.

Cobra training

Strengthens your organisation

Proper training can increase each firefighter’s individual performance and strengthen confidence in tactics and methodology at interventions.

Training creates opportunities for firefighters and their organisations to expand their skills base and improve their operational capabilities, making any response more effective.

In the end, integrated correctly, training enables safe and efficient use of Cobra, which is the base for FRS’s return on investment.

Training near you

Cold Cut Academy strives to offer locally adapted, high-quality Cobra courses at training venues as close to you as possible. As the interest and the number of Cobra users increase, so does the number of training partners. We can also help arrange local on-site training, which can be a good alternative if you cannot come to one of Cold Cut Academy’s approved training venues. We also provide online training and e-learning courses.

Experience & knowledge

The courses are conducted together with certified partners and/or local rescue services that are highly experienced Cobra users who have fully integrated Cobra into their training, education, and daily operations.

By using skilled and competent instructors and training facilities approved for Cobra training, we can ensure that the course participants have the best conditions for their learning experience. In this way, they can gain experience and knowledge of how to use Cobra to increase safety and efficiency and reduce negative environmental impact during firefighting operations.

Contact us to book a course or to learn more about the importance of Cobra training.

Benefits of Cobra training

  • Improved and increased use of Cobra
  • Increased Firefighter safety
  • Strengthens your organisation
  • Learn how to use Cobra equipment correctly for maximum effect
  • Knowledge of the Cobra SAVE method
  • A better understanding of how Cobra affects fire gases and extinguish fires
  • Learn methods and techniques for how to use Cobra in different situations
  • Knowledge of when to use Cobra