Cobra Refresher Course

Cobra Training

Cobra Refresher Course is an e-learning course that refreshes your certification as a Cobra Instructor and enhances your ability to instruct colleagues in the safe and effective use of Cobra. The estimated time for the course is four hours. The training course will refresh your Cobra skills in a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly way. You will revisit essential topics such as safety and precautions when using Cobra and dig deeper into the Cobra method and equipment. At the end of the course, the students will learn about the latest news and features related to Cobra and its use.

The course is entirely digital, meaning it is possible to start and finish whenever you want and when opportunities arise. So, for example, you can begin a chapter and end in the middle of it; the next time you resume studying, you do so from where you last left off. You complete the course at your own pace. During the training course, students can share their thoughts with other participants or ask the responsible instructor questions. After passing the course, the Cobra Instructor Certificate is renewed for another three years, and the participant will receive new course material to train Cobra operators.

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