Cobra Instructor Course

Cobra Training


The Cobra Instructor Course is a three-day training course. The aim of the course is to train firefighting instructors in the safe and efficient use of the Cobra system. This will enable them to train Cobra Operators according to Cobra methods and to integrate these methods with established procedures in their own organisation. The course is aimed at participants who already have experience of firefighting and instructing firefighters.

The Instructor Course consists of an e-learning course with Cobra theory and two days at a training venue with practical exercises. Students passing the Cobra Instructor Course will receive a three-year certificate to train Cobra Operators along with the Cobra course material. The Certificate may be renewed through an e-learning refresher. The Cobra Instructor Course is delivered by highly experienced Cobra Senior Instructors and covers both theoretical training and practical exercises. This course is held either at your own training facilities or at a Cobra approved training venue.

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain Cobra tactics and the SAVE method
  • Train and develop Cobra Operators to use Cobra equipment safely and efficiently
  • Attain the ability to transfer knowledge and skills back into the student’s own organisation
  • Explain the Cobra method and how it can integrate into their own organisation’s firefighting tactics
  • Demonstrate the safe and effective use of Cobra for various types of fires
  • Demonstrate the safe and effective use of Cobra to pierce through a variety of materials
  • Describe how the Cobra system operates
  • Describe the safe use and limitations of the Cobra system
  • Identify the parts of the Cobra system
  • Attain basic maintenance knowledge of the Cobra system including trouble shooting
Among other things, our participants have said the following about our courses:
  • For those of us who don’t have much experience with Cobra, this was very important and educational. Got a good understanding of the idea and how to use Cobra.
  • Gained great confidence in the method as we went through real cases, both the ones that went well and those that can be developed. In other words – use the tool correctly and at the right time and you get a good result.
  • Useful to see where things went well and badly. Good that even misuse is highlighted.
  • You got a feeling for how it works … and how to rethink with the Cobra system.
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