Broaden the Cobra Scope


The Multi-Purpose Nozzle (MPN)

The Multi-Purpose Nozzle is a valuable addition to the Cold Cut Cobra, enhancing its versatility across various incident types. When combined with the Cobra equipment, the MPN improves the efficiency and effectiveness of firefighting operations, including scenarios like car fires, outdoor fires, damping down operations, decontamination, and foam attacks.

The Multi-Purpose Nozzle simply broadens the scope of the Cobra system, providing an enhanced ability to resolve many different firefighting scenarios, with or without foam additives. The combination makes Cobra an even more effective and efficient tool.

The Multi-Purpose Nozzle is similar to conventional low-pressure nozzles offering adjustable spray patterns and nozzle pressures. This versatile nozzle allows for easy transition from a narrow, focused spray to a wide cone spray jet, providing flexibility in responding to different situations. You can quickly replace the Cobra hand lance with the Multi-Purpose Nozzle using the same hose, still delivering the same amount of water, but at a lower pump pressure.

Only attach the MPN Cobra systems manufactured or officially adapted to allow MPN operation. Any attempt to operate MPN on non-adapted Cobra systems may risk injury.

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