Cobra – a tool in the toolbox


The ultra-high pressure water mist and the capability to pierce through any known construction material make Cobra a tool for various fire incidents. The areas of application are all developed in close cooperation with the Fire and Rescue Service.

The most significant effect is achieved when Cobra is deployed at an early stage of the fire development. Therefore, it is optimal to use Cobra on first attendance. Multiple-use of Cobra is a very successful method in extinguishing larger fires such as in industries or warehouses. Great values can be saved, not only through less damage to the building but also by much shorter stoppages in the production.

A smaller fire vehicle equipped with Cobra is a good solution in rural areas and part-time fire stations. A small-sized vehicle can access remote areas, rugged terrain, limited-access roads, and narrow passages. A crew of just a couple of firefighters can significantly affect the fire until reinforcement arrives.

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