Empower Your Decisions with Cobra Training


At a fire scene, each decision you make can significantly impact the outcome.

That is why we offer Cobra training designed to equip Incident Commanders with not just a tool, but the confidence to use it effectively.

Understanding the Cobra cutting extinguisher’s capabilities, as well as its limitations, enables you to make informed, swift decisions that can save lives, protect property, and ensure the safety of your team.

The theoretical course delves into tactical applications and operational techniques across various fire scenarios. This ensures you are well-prepared to quickly decide when to deploy the Cobra.

Why is this training crucial for you?

  • Enhanced Safety: Learn the ins and outs of the Cobra system to minimise risks for you and your team.
  • Efficiency in Action: Maximise the Cobra’s potential to quickly control and extinguish fires, reducing environmental impact and property damage.
  • Confidence in Command: With thorough knowledge comes the power to make decisive, effective decisions in critical moments.
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