Explosion resistant safety glass


Cutting through any known building material.

Some materials make it more difficult for the fire and rescue services to enter in case of fire. The Cold Cut Cobra can cut through any known building material, but some are trickier than others. We made a test on 40 mm multi-laminated glass and explosive proof glass.

The multi-laminated glass was very easy to pierce, and with a steady hand, we were able to cut out a section. Piercing the panel of explosive proof glass was not a problem. However, trying to cut it was very difficult. It was one of the toughest materials we have worked with.

With the growing threat and risk of attacks and explosions in densely populated urban environments, the need for advanced security glass in windows, doors and glass partitions is also increasing. Hammerglass Explosion Protection consists of a unique, explosion-resistant solution compatible with the façade of the building concerned, comprising a steel frame that will hold the glazing panes firmly in position even in a powerful explosion. A fantastic product for protection but a potential problem for the FRS.

We would like to thank Hammerglass AB for donating this explosion protection panel that contributes to increased knowledge in the FRS on how to handle this type of material.

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