External Firefighting


Improve your working environment by staying out of the heat as much as possible.

In modern firefighting, external strategies like the Cobra Method SAVE (Scan, Attack, Ventilate, Enter) offer notable benefits for both firefighter safety and operational effectiveness. Approaching fires from an external position mitigates immediate risks and ensures a more controlled working environment.

External tactics effectively reduce immediate physical risks linked to internal firefighting. By strategically controlling the fire from a distance, firefighters reduce exposure to hazards like unstable floors and potential roof collapse.

Additionally, external firefighting significantly lowers exposure to high temperatures. Cobra’s use of small water droplets quickly absorbs heat energy, providing a safer environment for firefighters entering the fire compartment. A swift external intervention can also prevent the fire from escalating.

Adopting external firefighting tactics contributes to Safer, Cleaner and More Efficient firefighting. As firefighting evolves, prioritizing external approaches becomes essential for safeguarding firefighters’ well-being.

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