Guidance for fires in lithium-ion batteries


The Swedish operational guidance for fires in lithium-ion batteries is ready.
The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has now published a guide that presents comprehensive information about lithium-ion batteries, the causes and occurrence of thermal runaway, and how it can spread from cell to cell, known as propagation. In addition, the guide provides recommendations for response tactics in lithium-ion battery fires, with Cold Cut Systems contributing to the section on electric vehicle fires. Our involvement has resulted in a method specifically aimed at electric vehicle fires, Cobra & EV Battery Fire.

There are primarily three risks associated with lithium-ion batteries: thermal runaway, which can start a fire in the battery; the release of hazardous gases during a fire; and the re-ignition of a burned battery.

The guide aims to enhance the knowledge of handling lithium-ion battery fires to ensure that responses can be carried out safely. Although there are still areas where the development of battery systems and firefighting techniques is needed, this guide, along with our proposed method, serves as a valuable tool for effective response operations.

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Guidance for fires in lithium-ion batteries
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