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It is nothing new that using water is the most common way to extinguish fires. But over the years, different additives have become popular. However, these have proved to be harmful to the environment in many cases. There are now many ongoing discussions about the pros and cons of using additives in firefighting.

Cobra extinguishes effectively with just water and therefore reduces the need for additives.

Due to contaminants from the fire itself, extinguishing with water alone will also produce contaminated run-off water, leading to emissions of environmentally harmful substances, negatively affecting sensitive water environments.

Therefore, it is important to achieve a fast and efficient extinguishing that provides a minimal amount of run-off water to minimize emissions of environmentally and health-damaging substances.

Cobra uses a lot less water than traditional extinguishing, and most of the water evaporates, leading to a smaller amount of contaminated run-off water to handle after an operation. However, if additives are needed, it is possible to instal an additive pump to a Cobra System as an option.

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Cold Cut Academy Webinar | Water

Cold Cut Academy Webinar | Water

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