The updated coldcut™ cobra hand lance released

Nov 26, 2020 | News

Kungsbacka, Sweden, November 26, 2020

Cold Cut Systems has just released a new and improved version of the hand lance for the coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher. The updated version is just as effective as before but with some improvements to make it even more user-friendly.

Cold Cut Systems and the Cobra Method has contributed to safer firefighting for firefighters since 1997. Using a cutting extinguisher for cooling fire gases from a safer place outside the fire compartment is one of the safest and most efficient firefighting options available to Fire & Rescue Services.

We are very proud to finally launch the improved coldcut™ cobra hand lance. We have worked on it for quite a while to get every detail as perfect as possible, and I am very pleased with the result.

Jimmy Otter, Technical & Development Manager, Cold Cut Systems

The redesigned hand lance still has the same high pressure and cutting jet functionality as before. The improvements made focus on safety, ergonomics, being more effective and flexible, and of course an updated visual design.

Every change made is an improvement made to benefit the user and to comply with our vision for Safer, Cleaner, and More efficient firefighting.

More ergonomic

Even for a strong firefighter, a well-designed tool could make a huge difference when used frequently and for prolonged sessions. To make the hand lance more ergonomic, the arch of the stock is designed to fit the shoulder for maximum support. The handle on the barrel offers stabilization support when using the Cobra. The three-point support end helps to get a steady pressure point when piercing and working with the Cobra.

Besides the comfortable ergonomic design, the hand lance now weighs 4.65 kg, a reduction of approximately 1.4 kg – a big difference when used for long periods.

Tool rail for attachments

The coldcut™ cobra can advantageously be used together with other tools and equipment. However, we do not always have an extra hand available. Therefore, we have attached a tool rail for attachments like a flashlight, a GoPro or a Thermal Imaging Camera. The universal tool rail fits most accessories on the market. So, the choice of brand and tool is up to you, we just give you an extra hand – for your safety.

Additional safety lever and improved triggers

The safety of the user is always our main priority. The added safety lever and improved triggers make sure that no unintended piercing or starting of the Cobra takes place. To further enhance the safety, the new system indicators are easily visible on the hand lance to show the operator the status for – Activated, Additive, and Abrasive. All these features and advantages will be available from January 2021 with IWC as standard for new Cobra units and kits.

Integrated Wire Control

Integrated Wire Control, IWC, gives you a more robust and reliable system that eliminates the risk of poor connectivity in environments like high rise buildings, basements, around corners or other topographic challenges.

Other benefits with IWC compared to radio are that there is no risk of interference at the same frequency, and there is no need for a battery charger or charging of batteries.

The hose

The difference in hose thickness compared to the Cobra radio hose is minimal, and the coating is identical. The hose is smooth without spiralling cables (umbilical cord concept) around it to ensure ease of pulling around corners and other obstacles.
The hose is available in 80-metre length, and as for any Cobra application, it is possible to extend several hoses up to at least 240 metres.

The coldcut™ cobra cutting extinguisher is developed together with state of the art suppliers for each component to ensure the high quality required.

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