Window of Opportunity


Seize the Moment for Tactical Edge.

The Cobra Method, SAVE, dynamically combines situation Scanning, ultra-high pressure water mist Attack from a safe external position, and tactical Ventilation before, or alongside Entering the fire compartment.

Years of experience from real-life Cobra usage demonstrate that quick suppression of fire development buys valuable time and sets the stage for more efficient firefighting.

Swiftly deploying Cobra can create a window of opportunity, making it possible to carry out tasks, such as rescue operations, that otherwise would not have been possible.

Using Cobra create a safer working environment, reducing firefighter exposure to high temperatures, toxic smoke from fire-gases and other risks, mitigating short- and long-term occupational health effects.

The “Cobra Moment” allows the Incident Commander to plan further safe operations to quickly and effectively control and extinguish the fire without exposing personnel to the worst effects of heat and smoke.

Window of Opportunity

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