Fire in a farm building

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Limit the fire spread | Fire in a farm building | Höganäs, Sweden

Using Cobra to absorb heat radiation and limit the spread of the fire, a case study from Höganäs Fire and Rescue Service, Sweden.

Just after 7 pm on November 22, 2018, the Fire and Rescue Service in Höganäs, a small rural town in southern Sweden, received a call to attend a fire in a farm building.

As shown in the picture, the farm consisted of 3 agricultural buildings in a U-shape and one detached residential dwelling.

This is the farm and the building that was alight.

Upon arrival, the incident commander was confronted with a serious fire which had broken through the roof of one of the agricultural buildings. The prevailing wind was pushing the fire and flames in the direction of the other buildings.

At that point in the incident, the aim was to limit the fire so that it did not spread beyond the building of origin.

The incident commander ordered Cobra to be deployed to reduce the radiant heat and use the water mist as a shield between the buildings.

The distance between the buildings was only 1.5 m.

Cobra was deployed for around 25-30 minutes until reinforcements arrived at the scene and were able to deploy.

The spread of the fire was limited to the building where the fire started. As a result, the rest of the farm buildings were saved. The economic cost of this incident could have been considerably higher.

Benefits of using Cobra at this incident
  1. The fire spread limited to the building where the fire started.
  2. Saving assets and property reduces the economic loss.
  3. Quick deployment while waiting for reinforcement.
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