Car fire in the garage

Operational Incidents

First responder | Car fire in the garage | Halmstad, Sweden

This operational incident is from Halmstad in Sweden, a town with a well-developed system of first responders.

When the alarm came, one of these first responder units was quickly in place at the scene. He arrived in a van with a Cobra unit and was alone for seven minutes.

First, he decided to cool the neighbour’s house with the Cobra and an additive. He had noticed that the paint was blistering and wanted to prevent the fire from spreading. So his next priority was to stop the fire from spreading from the garage to the house. Therefore, the Cobra was applied into the adjacent room.

When the room was sufficiently cooled, he added the lance extension and applied Cobra into the attic space. When the wholetime crew arrived, Cobra use was combined with BA use.

Car fire in the garage
  • The first responder was alone for 7 minutes.
  • Sprayed the neighbours house to stop fire spread, Cobra and additive.
  • Cobra attack in the room to the left of the garage.
  • Cobra attack in the loftspace to stop fire spread from the garage.
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