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Project Report | Safety Distance when using Cobra, 2021-06-21


Cold Cut Systems has evaluated what safety distances should be applied when using the cutting extinguisher. The safety distances should be considered a guideline and adapted to each organization’s own practical application.

The safety distances communicated so far are generous and derived from a guideline from the Water Jet Technology Association, mainly aimed at water cutting and cleaning, which generally requires a much higher pressure than what the cutting extinguisher generates.

The re-evaluation has been done by practical tests together with established theory. The tests were carried out at TST Sweden AB’s office in Borås. TST develops personal protective equipment (PPE) for working with high-pressure water and tests it to existing standards at their test facility.

The results of the tests performed with Cobra showed that at two meters, a sweeping motion at a speed of 0.5 meters per second, water and abrasive do not penetrate a firefighters PPE.

Theoretically, these results mean that if someone is at a minimum of two meters away from the nozzle when it is spraying water and abrasive in a sweeping motion, it will not penetrate a PPE. Thus, the current safety distance of 10 meters in front can be renegotiated and evaluated within each organization. In practice, this may lead to the development of methods and areas of use of Cobra.

This report aims to share the results from the tests and, together with established theory, provide a safe and reliable basis for all Cobra users to evaluate their organization’s methods and uses of Cobra.

It is up to each organization to absorb this report and the information that emerges. The responsibility to risk assess and apply lies within each organization.

Project Report | Safety Distance When Using Cobra

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